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This has been me my whole life. Vocally I feel I have no influence, but when I write, I have moved people to tears, anger, laughter, etc with such ease, it almost amazes me. That's why I always wanted to be a writer. Maybe one day <3

.... I've always found the "not so perfect" to be so much more interesting, distinguishing, and real... like scars, a crooked tooth, people who express their individuality, etc...

Found this posted by @ericgoonpowell fantastic guy by the way. I don't want to be one of those people that are all "proud to be an asshole" kind of attitude but this picture is so true for me. I live by a pretty set in stone rule of "if you're nice to me I'm nice to you". There are exceptions like if you're nice to me but rude to someone I care about I will hate you. If you cut me off in traffic Im gonna hate you. You could be the sweetest little grandma and imma still be mad at you for not…

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Two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past and observing others. #wisdom #affirmations

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Making decisions in life and if that makes me a bad, evil, horrible person because you don't approve than so be it. I'm living my life my way

How the fuck could anyone do that to another....utter disappointment !!

Undoes me even as it coalesces me into who i am, like coming home, like being found. It is desire and longing even while it is completion and annihilation love. Your voice. Your face. You.

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Someone who wouldn't ever consider making a racistsexist/sizeist/etc. joke, and would walk away or speak up against someone who did.