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"Yeah,well you WOULD have! So shut up blondie!" "[Y/N} I'm....I'm sorry. I just don't want you to get hurt." "Then stop yelling because that hurt more then a bloody Crank would."

Powertraveller Ltd. This is the Powermonkey Expedition Charger, which may set a whole new standard for “off-grid charging devices” with the Expedition, you can use solar, wind, running water, the hand-crank handle or AC to juice it back up, Its revolutionary design even allows you to generate power via solar and wind simultaneously, giving a full recharge of the battery in 5-8 hours in optimum conditions. Coming May 2014.

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And so I will... I have a little left to do. Just in case I'm not paranoid, all the doors are locked up tight, lol.. I miss you. ♥ you, sir.. You are awesome. ♥

Frypan is like "Naw gurl! When u break up with him I gotta make so many cookies!" And I will be like "Relax Fry. I'm never letting the cute slinthead go!"

inhibitory response to repeated sensations. our nerves over-react to them, sending more and more pain signals at every contact, and instead of filtering those signals out like it should, our brains seize hold of them and crank up the volume.

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