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The compilation of 32 pricing lessons for startups

Dreamers and Executors is a non-formalized group, where we create interesting things together, learn business related stuff and share our learnings. If you don’t have time to go through the whole…

I have a confession to make. My business was not that important to me a year ago. I put it on the back burner for months. Made excuses as to why it was not a success. Used my previous job as an excuse for not being able to focus. When I became a full time entrepreneur I still did not take it seriously. I relied on other things to get me by. My focus was all over the place and when it was not heading in the direction I wanted I made excuses once again. Then it hit me. My business was still a…

15 Creativity Quotes to Inspire You

''Sie wurden ein Original geboren, sterben Sie nicht als Kopie'' | #Quote um Sie zu inspirieren

Physical attractions are common but a mental connection is rare. Once you've had the latter the former will never be enough again *