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Cast your ✔️ where should we bring hip hop yoga next? #y7studio

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AFFIRMATION: I am ALWAYS attracting abundance. Say it over and over and over again until you start to rewire your thinking. My guess is that you state how much money you DON'T have right now instead of working with your vibrational super powers and using the Law of Attraction. Remember, to think is to create. So each time you affirm that there's not enough money, or you're lacking something then the Universe will respond. #LoA #manifesting

Sometimes you need that inspiration to remind you that this is your life to create, and simply going through the motions of life and accepting the way society molds people is not an option!‍♂️

How I Stopped Being a Craft Hoarder

This may feel harsh, but I do believe this. We're indecisive for a multitude of reasons, but being indecisive and procrastinating is like being stuck in the mud. You start to get sucked under!

As an INFJ I find it difficult not to be affected by other's frequencies, its sort of like being an empath or something, stuff really does imprint on me. I pick up on stuff all the time.

Law of Attraction & Manifesting Board = Train Ur Brain ;) That's right - we gotta do this! Visualize, Manifest, Attract and remember TRAIN UR BRAIN - it IS on it's much abundance - do you realize the enormous abundance out there? - B conscious - we can have it all! Rewire and Train Ur Brain ;) with me check out the abundance & awaken with me on my board !

Being negative when suffering with depression can cause more ill health problems on a more frequent basis such as flu, bad colds and stomach complaints.