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Each of these babies will have one... Except it will say my Tia erika is the shizznit!! @Stephanie Close Perez @Alberto Del Campo Perez @Stéphane Rasselet G @Elsa Marques Bejines @?? ?? Guerrero @Robert Osborn Guzman @Marci ♐ g @Estela Valverde Guerrero

Jakarta Selatan

Tote Bag 40x40 cm | Shape Creatures by Bea | No matter how hard you try to shape your body, you won't look as cute as us, not even close! #tas #tote #bag #style #arts #prints #etsy #artwork #gift #design #love #photography #ideas #photo #inspiration #custom #family #friends #diy #travel #totebags #canvas

5 Questions to Ask Before a Major Purchase

Ever find yourself paralyzed with indecision over making a big splurge? These 5 questions to ask yourself before making a major purchase can not only help you make a wise decision in the midst of temptation, but save you from buyer's regret later on!

"6 Free Holiday Ideas: Celebrate a DIY 4th of July" eBook

Show off your patriotic side by creating fun and inexpensive sewing projects for 4th of July! Don't miss out on a FREE opportunity to gain access to full projects, perfect for the summer holiday. Download this sewing eBook and you'll want to make all 6 projects before 4th of July rolls around. Holiday sewing patterns are especially fun to make because they're festive and help create great holiday memories for you and your family. #sewing

Iron-On Kids' Tote Bag

Iron-On Kids' Tote Bag | Step-by-Step | DIY Craft How To’s and Instructions| Martha Stewart

Jumbo Canvas Wholesale Tote Bag with Long Web Handles -TOB332

This fairly large tote bag has a squared off bottom for support and stability and the heavy canvas and reinforced stress points keep your bag from ripping and make it last for years of usage. Use this bag for shopping, a family picnic or other purposes and events. This bag will come in handy no matter what event you got planned. Product Description: Heavy canvas with squared off bottom. Jumbo size Long web handles Reinforced at stress points. Size: 20"W x 15"H x 5"D 20" Handles Imprint…

Shopper Tote bag with family tree life blue and silver Personalized handpainted cotton tote with crochet flowers

Bookshelf Bandit Tote in Jo

Bookshelf Bandit Tote in Louisa - Cotton, Tan, Red, Novelty Print, Scholastic/Collegiate, French / Victorian

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Interesting. Written from the perspective of a murdered teenage girl. It's heart wrenching-- worth a read.