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Amazing sailing in 20 feet. The Flicka 20. Since I want to live aboard mine, I would want something about 40 ft but I love this shot.

Yacht sailing at sunset from Yarmouth Harbour

Sail Far Live Free - Sailboats, Sailing News, and Gear: Top 10 Favorite Affordable Bluewater Sailboats

Seaward 17 w/shoal draft fin keel…

Caye & Jax Living aboard a sailboat has definitely called for some habit changing moments. It has involved a roller coaster of emotions, but overall it has been a pretty enriching experience. As the fiancé, best friend and coworker of my sailing mate, I will start by saying that, who you are sailing with is definitely one of the first things to consider when going cruising

flicka 20 - Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere (Paperback) by John Vigor

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