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give me the same respect, don't talk down to me, and you'll get my nice attitude. be condescending, start name calling, and become generally disrespectful and i will unleash the bitch in me that is well hidden under a short, innocent baby face. *cackle*

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'My favourite thing to do is to go where I've never been', for more inspirational travel quotes visit

But you already see me that way don't you? You'll never let me forget, it haunts me. It follows me around like a cloud above my head, breaking me down at any moment. It's killing me. Your insults. The never ending insults hurt so much. I'm on the verge of breaking. S

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Nothing is going to happen in your comfort zone.

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too true

For me it was more like who cares if they do, they'll be lucky if like them enough to say two words to them...

It's just funny girl! Grow up and move along. Nobody wants to associate with your skanky self.

Sometimes the hardest thing to let go of is the thing you never really had.