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Freya, signed A4 PRINT, Viking Goddess Freya art, Norse mythology, Heathen art, Norse magic, Cats, from original painting & ink drawing

Winged Freya and her cats by Michelle Maiden. #Freya #52Goddesses

This is incredible, how much detail and thought has gone into this garment creating not just a garment but a pice of art (Alexander McQueen)

Freyja, goddess of witchcraft, beauty and sexual independence, as The Empress (3) card

The Valkyries are virgin warriors who decides who will die in battle. They hover over the battlefield, and those who die would be brought to...

Where is all this beautiful jewelry coming from???

Freyja. Love this picture, just beautiful. Pretty much every Spiritually attuned person I've met have said that Freyja watches over me, even though some have very little knowledge of Norse Mythology, they just have the urge to let me know she checks in from time to time. She's my spiritual Mother and I adore her :D <3 Willow.

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Viking... Valkyrie