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Random Inspiration 122

please share, pin and sign this petition to KEEP THE FOX HUNTING BAN! these beautiful creatures shouldn't end up another victim of humans. Thank you <3

shuishi on

MAC Spice. Kylie Jenners favorite lip liner she uses on her entire lips (and Honeylove lipstick to go along with it if you want).

Their unpredictability make them one of the most dangerous creatures to "own." But like all cats they aren't ever owned by anyone. Independent, solitary, powerful, elegant and... I wish there was another word besides beautiful but that's what they are.

By PirateTinkerbell "Let Your Colors Shine On! Another edit of my favorite shot from my most recent trip to the zoo! I hope you enjoy! :)" Peacock Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium Litchfield Park, Arizona

Jurassic Park (1993)

JURASSIC PARK - A group of people on a preview tour are stranded when Jurassic Park is hit with a hurricane, releasing its cloned prehistoric inhabitants.