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Glass fruit by Elizabeth Johnson. I actually do own a pair of berry earrings that she made... doesn't her fruit look good enough to eat!

A RESTAURATION ORMOLU AND PATINATED BRONZE SUNFLOWER TIMEPIECE FIRST QUARTER 19TH CENTURY The naturalistically cast sunflower with a detachable bezel inset with a watch movement (unsigned) with white enamel dial and ormolu hands above a stem with a coiled serpent, the cast base surrounded by a pierced rim, possibly originally with an ormolu encrier base, now lacking.

Jas. B. Smith & Co's. Philada. Blank Book Manufactory / Drawn & Lithd. At A. Kollner's Lithy., Phila.

A Pair of British Arts & Crafts Panels. Repousse copper panels depict a nymph on a ball with a Bacchus head behind her, and organic decoration throughout. The other panels is an angel of darkness which hides its head while a winged skull hovers overhead Height: 12.75"

Antique Bohemian cranberry enamel perfume scent bottle miniature Moser

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