reclaimed wood paneling - 6 Types of Wood Paneling to Consider for Your Interiors #bynumdesign #nashville #reclaimedwood

This project was a complete renovation of a 2-story beach front home at Fire Island, New York. The primary goal of the renovation was to remove any barriers that visually separated the owners from the sea. The deep fascia was removed, transoms were added over the existing bays and more glass was added to the lower level. The project also included planning the house to open the living space, enlarge the kitchen, create a distinct master suite with an ocean front bath, and provide view...

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can be an enjoyable but difficult process. As a kitchen or bathroom is not a room that's quickly and easily changed, you want to invest in the colour, style and finish that you'll still love in years to come. You might be overwhelmed with choice, wondering whether to

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