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Mongolian Shamanism. Mongolian shamanism, occasionally called Tengerism, refers to the animistic and shamanic religion that has been practiced in Mongolia and its surrounding areas (including Buryatia) at least since the age of recorded history. In the earliest known stages it was intricately tied to all other aspects of social life and to the tribal organization of Mongolian society. Along the way, it has become influenced by and mingled with Buddhism.

Inside the life of the Inuit: Extraordinary photographs document how Alaska's Eskimos survived some of the world's coldest winters

Native American witch doctor spinning thread on his bare knee. He is part of the Tsimshian tribe or 'People Inside the Skeena River'. These First Nation people live on the north coast of British Columbia, Canada, and the southernmost corner of Alaska, USA. There are approximately 7,500 Tsimshians (recorded in 2005).