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Rhodesia 20-23 (14-17) 1892 ½d on 6d-8d on 1' Coat of Arms provisional overprints SG Type 3, unwmkd, perf 14, 14½, cplt (4)

1890 Scott 2 1p black "Coat of Arms" Sporting the British South Africa Company Coat of Arms, with "commerce" as one of their tenets, The initial 1890-94 issue had 19 stamps, The eight higher denomination values (3sh - 10 pounds) have a CV of $50+-$800. But with a revenue cancellation, they are significantly cheaper ($1-$70+).

1898 Scott 66 1sh bister "Coat of Arms" Big Blue BB '69, on two pages, has 53 spaces. Coverage is 37%. The 1910 "Queen Mary and King George" issue spaces yields two "Most Expensive" stamps @ $42+ and $37+. There are five more BB spaces with CV of $10+-$20+.

Fiji 1938 SG 263a Coat of Arms Fine Mint

Fiji 1938 SG 263 Coat of Arms Fine Used SG 263a Scott 128a Other British Commonwealth Empire and Colonial stamps Here

1891 Scott 5 4p red brown & black "Coat of Arms" Quick History "Rhodesia", commonly called by the white settlers in the 1890s after Cecil Rhodes, the founder of the British South Africa Company (BSAC), were lands in southern Africa bisected by the Zambezi River. The Company, which governed and administered the lands by Royal Charter from 1889-1923, named the territory north of the Zambezi "Northern Rhodesia", and the lands south of the Zambezi "Southern Rhodesia".

1896 Scott 37 4sh red & blue/green "Coat of Arms" Into the Deep Blue The 2011 Scott Classic Specialized 1840-1940 catalogue has, for Rhodesia 1890-1923, 143 major descriptive numbers. Of those, 12 or 8% are CV <$1-$1+. Raising the bar to CV $4+ yields 44 or 31% coverage. Clearly, the CV for this British colony is a bit high, but a representative selection is available for a modest budget increase.

Southern Rhodesia 1964 SG100 Aloe Plant Fine Used

Southern Rhodesia 1964 SG100 Aloe Plant Fine Used SG 100 Scott 103 Other African Stamps ere