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Touch feely navigation for the blind on Behance

The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer - Hammacher Schlemmer

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breathing clock by max schmidt shifts the perception of time

Cupcake ukulele (cakulele) soprano

this is pretty much the most awesome thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! and some day it will be mine.

WTF: This Wearable Turns Your Skin into a Touchscreen

Wow ! I've read an article where we can use our skin as a touchscreen for our smartphone. There is no need to use the device. We can just wear the device to our skin talk and text accordingly without any trouble or any itching sensation to the skin. Some doctors are saying that it might cause cancer but thorough investigation was performed in the lab and decided it is not a cancer causing agent. The article did not mention about the audio. That might become a intelligent question.

See-Through Solar: Crystal Clear Panels Are 100% Transparent

New eye implant invention claims to give patients pin-sharp focus

Eye Implant Could Make Glasses Obsolete | A revolutionary new eye implant that doctors are referring to as a “breakthrough” could make glasses a thing of the past for millions of people... [Futuristic Contact Lenses: The Future of Medicine:]

PreVue Pregnancy eTextile Device Lets Mothers See Their Baby Grow

PreVue Pregnancy eTextile Device Lets Mothers See Their Baby Grow ... see more at