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247,Coffee Shop,Cafe

Tư vấn thiết kế quán cafe đẹp trong không gian nhỏ hẹp

All coffee shops should have this…

UTTER GENIUS cup carrier. May be a prototype, I can't find the source site. BUT, This could be sewn, using a bit of timtex of other stiffener just in the center. Add a pocket for packets/small bits -- it already has the napkin spot.

City of San Francisco

The signage here is different to the other pins as it is in keeping with the store frontage. It's style is quite farm like and I would expect it is a farm shop café. It's a beautiful store front with signage that clearly states it is a café.

Don Key

Branding for a local Mexican restaurant–Don Key is a new traditional Mexican kitchen with a vision set on creating new food experiences. Our approach was to combine traditional language, word play, sophisticated simplicity, and a natural color palette&

40 shiplap decorating ideas to make you fall in love with this rough-sawn pine paneling. This reclaimed wood building material is great on walls and floors. For more wall ideas and decorating inspiration go to Domino.

When you think of an office space, you might have visions of a cubicle farm with no windows and even less personality. That might be an accurate picture for som

Home work space is a place for study and work. Therefore, well decorated study is necessary to create a working spirit. Home work space requires a comforta