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I randomly decided to draw out the current villagers I have in my Animal Crossing Town Lunarett uvuIn order: Diana, Merry, Molly, Wolfgang, Del, Shari, Bonbon, Midge, Walker and Axel.

Quote by William Eggleston via jmcloberg: “‘A picture is what it is,’ he says when I ask him why he no longer wishes to talk about individual photographs, ‘and I’ve never noticed that it helps to talk about them, or answer specific questions about them, much less volunteer information in words. It wouldn’t make any sense to explain them. Kind of diminishes them. People always want to know when something was taken, where it was taken, and, God knows, why it was taken. It gets really

Custom Animal Crossing Villager Framed Portrait

Neat idea! You could have a photo of a villager from Animal Crossing just like in the actual game! :D

Official website of artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Features photographs and texts about completed projects and works in progress. Includes biographical and bibliographical information as well as virtual tours, videos and news.

Polly Pocket: Originally made by a Dad for his daughter using an old make-up compact. Now Polly has a limo, a mansion, and a "race to the mall" set. So much for the pocket part.