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I just wanna sleep forever because sometimes i get so tired of being alone at times it is a hurtful feeling when no one cares for you but then i remind myself god and jesus are truly the inly ones that love me and im okay with that aka mind of joseph

40 Lonely Love Quotes That Hurt So Good

Lisa Simpson...yeah, that was pretty much my response any time I was told this-and-such would keep me single. Then this shirt for you Valentine Day : and You love Dogs and Cat click here :

Anthony says if I get really quiet in the carit means I'm getting really hungry and he immediately starts looking for a place to eat because he calls it the calm before the storm. Lol!!!!


Even though im the cause of your hurt. I will continue to try and repair that for as long as need be! As your friend i will ALWAYS be here when you need me! Even if you want to yell at me, call me names, talk, or just sit there!

don't get me wrong here, these quotes are heart felt. but on Instagram girl do this where they call themselves ugly or lonely when they have tons of friends and are one of the most popular girls in the grade. so basically it's just fishing for attention.. ✿