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Pinner said xx I LOVE this tutorial. This is also one of my favourite patterns to use when making a blanket. Squaring the Circle Crochet Tutorial Via Spincushions

Pansexuals, polysexuals, and bisexuals are not invalidating you by liking multiple genders. It means of all the people they could've chosen, they picked you.

1970's Lego Letter to Parents: 'The urge to create is equally strong in all children… boys and girls It's imagination that counts...' via independent.co.uk #Letter #Creativity #Gender_Equality

I made this joke to my friend yesterday. We had a class work word search with "Great Depression" as one of the words. When I found it I told her "Hey I found you" and she said "is it the Great Depression??" And I said "heh yes it is" then after that I hugged her and told her that I apologize and I love her so much you're beautiful my child mim I love you. Then I accidentally found the word "girl" and said "hey it you" and she said "are you assuming me gender?" Bless her.

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