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File under wtf? Roflmao

My Weight Loss Journey

hahaha! Thirty One join my facebook group for special thirty-one offers!

ducklings first leap to get out of the nest and into the water

Corals get stressed about current events

Gotta be one of my favorite lines: "And these are Rhosgobel Rabbits - I'd like to see them try".

This is now my incentive to work out, because it's so true.

Discover magic: Take a dance class

I really enjoyed that three hour lecture on bowel elimination -Said no nursing student, ever. haha level 1

Helpful and sometimes humorous videos and tips for those who want to learn to drive a car and for those who want to return to driving. Allan Wager of Wagers Driving School, Plymouth, Devon, UK can be contacted through his website at You can find him on Facebook too at