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I got this as a Christmas gift. Love them! Large enough for soup or a grande lattee, but not too big. Figurative Owl Mug #WestElm

13 Coffee Mugs that Will Make Your Morning Better

13 Coffee Mugs that Will Make Your Morning BetterNeed a new mug? Here are 13 coffee mugs that can start your day off right:

Ashcreek Poncho

I bought a green and orange one, and look forward to the day when I have disposable income because I'd love to get the turquoise one to make a complete set (hey, three mismatched cups are a set in my world!) ... Because they are adorable, sturdy, and perfect for tea.

Ashcreek Poncho

Anthropologie is always a great place for inspiration! Should get these floral mugs to spell out Cherimoya!!