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12 Adorable Texts That'll Make You Warm And Fuzzy

It's what i've always wanted, this whole time...I miss you, You're still my whole world... Even though you hurt me time and time again. I still want you, I'd take you back in a second...I hope you read this babe, I love you, Always will.

So Good, You Might Lose Your Head

The painting is called "Judith Beheading Holofernes". Holofernes was a renaissance army general taking over Judith's town, but while he passed out drunk after killing...

'Damn You Autocorrect': 13 Hilarious iPhone Autocorrect Mistakes (PHOTOS)

Jillian Madison: 'Damn You Autocorrect': Funniest iPhone Autocorrect Mistakes (PHOTOS)#s256226=Personal_Question#s256226=Personal_Question

37 Next-Level April Fools' Day Pranks Your Kids Will Never Forget

Monsters Of The Deep Sea

Monsters Of The Deep Sea

- These manage to be kinda cute and amusing, while also being terrifying at the same time...I applaud them