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TRANSCRIPT: It genuinely baffles me that men don’t want women in positions of power because “they’re slaves to their hormones/emotions” and yet one of the first lines of defense when it comes to rape cases tends to be “it’s hardly his fault look what...

That just got me so bad. He is being arrested and all he is saying is don't hurt my creatures. :'(

happens too often. Most of the time I stay quiet because 1. I'm not admitting that I am quiet, because I'm really not, I just don't know you 2. Some unintelligent thing will come out of my mouth if I open it and 3. What's the point in telling them why I'm quiet when they wouldn't understand or care or stick around long enough anyways

Nina Simone http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/culture-obituaries/music-obituaries/1428142/Nina-Simone.html

Rape is a crime that is seen as the victim's fault, because apparently circumstances could be changed for something to be done against a victim's will, according to this view. It points out the ridiculousness of this line of thinking, a gunshot victim is not blamed of being just that - a victim.

I dont think its possible.....I went to my friends house and I asked her older brother for the password........We ended up having to hack into their internet because he wouldnt tell us and we didnt know!!!

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