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Hermann Rorschach created the Rorschach inkblot test in 1921. (Photo circa 1910) Who knew he wasn't a bearded old man when he developed the "inkblot test?"

Annie Oakley and Frank Butler: A Love Story

The Annie Oakley Center Foundation, Inc., supports the Annie Oakley Center at the Garst Museum in Greenville, Ohio, and works to keep Annie Oakley's legacy alive. Part of maintaining this legacy is providing accurate information about Annie Oakley's life.

Elena Lagadinova - The youngest female partisan fighting against the fascists in Bulgaria in WWII This picture is from October 1944. Elena Lagadinova was only 14-years-old. The chain around her neck was connected to her pistol so she would not lose it. She joined her father and three brothers fighting against the German-allied Bulgarian government when she was 11, running messages to the partisans while also trying to finish school.

A tipple boy at the Turkey Knob Mine in Macdonald, West Virginia photographed in August 1908 by documentary photographer Lewis Hine for the National Child Labor Committee. More than two million children in the United States spent their days working prior to the enactment of child labor laws, and thousands worked for low wages at dangerous jobs in coal mines.

Salzburg: Full of my favourite things

The Von Trapp family of "The Sound of Music" fame in 1943, after their escape from Nazi occupied Austria.