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Twenty sheep to equip and clothe each soldier. Boys and girls can help. Join a sheep club. -- WWI propaganda poster (USA).

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | Can you fight? The empire needs every fit man. If the Germans win, no home on British soil will be safe.

To Hell with the Kaiser! is a lost 1918 silent war propaganda comedy film produced by Screen Classics Productions and distributed by Metro Pictures. It was directed by George Irving and starred Lawrence Grant as the Kaiser. Made toward the close of World War I, this film falls in line with other films of this popular genre, the wartime propaganda film, made at the same time i.e. The Kaiser, Beast of Berlin, Yankee Doodle in Berlin, Hearts of the World, The Heart of Humanity,

Vintage World War 1 Poster: Join a sheep club Twenty sheep to equip and clothe each soldier HS A civilian propaganda poster showing boys and girls raising sheep above them are sheep walking along a roadway that leads to the top of the poster where a battle is underway; printed between 1914 and 1918; Click to enlarge this USA Patriotic WW1 Poster copyright free public domain images graphic artwork .

The Exalted Song of the Rutabaga (1917) Rationing on the home front during the First World War introduced many households to inferior substitute foods. Turnips and rutabagas became symbolic of war-time shortages. Recipes and techniques to hide or cover up the flavor of these vegetables did little to alter their distinctive taste. Here is an ironic German song about the rutabaga and its various guises.