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Explore Angling Hotspots, Fish Avoid and more!

Letter familiy - resource pack (curly catipillar, long ladder, one armed robot and zigzag monster)

An easy to follow graphic organizer on common stem change verbs. Students can easily take notes in it. This organizer is great for visual learners. A practice conjugation chart and personal questions are also provided. Answer key is provided for the en...

Fish near angling hotspots are more clever, avoid capture

New research out of the University of Queensland confirms what many fishermen likely already suspected -- the fish near angling hotspots are smarter.

Buildings On Mars, Video and Photos This discovery was made by Streetcap1 of Youtube. He found some structures on a hill in one of the Mars Curiosity rover photos. Look at the above photo and pay special attention to the white shiny walls on top of the hill. The walls are white on one side due to reflection and dark shadowy on the other side due to the suns angle.

BrainPOP, Cells, a Foldable and a Plea...

Hi! I am Stephanie, an upper elementary teacher, who is obsessed with creating rigorous, engaging, and long lasting lessons for my students. I share practical ideas that can be implemented in the classroom immediately.

Chart fire drill safety rules

A list of common fire drill safety rules with attention-getting graphics. Back of chart features reproducible activities, subject information, and helpful tips. 17" x 22" classroom size.