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#ClippedOnIssuu from The Private Collection 2015

Build Your Own Pond

Here's everything you need to know to build your own backyard pond. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners already have them and thousands more are installing them every year. Why all the fuss over a water-filled hole? Well, for one thing, gurgling waterfalls are inherently appealing.

Shady Courtyard - Classic Courtyards

A wall-mounted lion’s head emits a small stream of water into an oval urn, which is tipped slightly away from the wall so water spills over the front edge. A catch basin below the urn collects the overflow... Love the fountain and the whole thing, really!

How to Make a Safe Watering Hole for Bees

A "bee waterer" (consisting of glass marbles in a water basin) allows bees to drink and collect water without fear of drowning.

#ClippedOnIssuu from The Private Collection 2015