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Vote on this week’s styles including Heidi, Reese and more stars! You decide – are they fashionistas or flops?

So it's a fashion update! In today's post I want to share with you new awesome ways to wear your chokers. The chokers look like some kind of fetish inspired

Half the time, Chloe Sevigny is wearing something entirely unfathomable to me, but I still always want to imitate her. She is the fashion queen - there is no one who can top her.

The sometimes controversial, often unpredictable, and sporadically dexterous, Chloë Sevigny talks to performers/artists Casey Spooner and A...

A combination of retro+grandma+glam+newpunk+newprep+chic chic chic= Chloe Sevigny . The actress has wicked style on the red carpet, and off!...

Chloë Sevigny, 2008 French actress Clemence Poesy on the set of Olga's Summer in Cologne, Germany Haley Bennett Helen M...

The leaves are changing and so are this season's trends. Not sure which fall styles will make the cut? We have the top trends we think are worthy for you to try with practical advice on how to get each star's look. Happy styling!

Celebrate Chloe Sevigny's birthday by looking back as her most youthful looks.