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How to Rock Your Story's Tension

How to Rock Your Story's Tension. Make your Story Stand Out From the Crowd. From the How to Write a Story guide series on

Writing from the opposite gender can be hard, but here's some great advice for #writing from a #guysPOV if you're a girl.

3 Awesome Plot Structures For Building Bestsellers

GREAT post about Plot structure. also, if you have twitter & love writing follow @shesnovel , her posts and tweets are crazy helpful

Did you know your protagonist isn’t as special as you think? Special means unusual or set apart. And amidst all the many awesome characters in your story, your protagonist may well be just one cool dude among many. So why is he the protagonist? Why not your gorgeous love interest? Why not your brainy sidekick? …

How To Make Your Characters Shockingly Real

Points out one of the most egregious mistakes you can make in your story's climax and how to make sure readers never look away from your exciting finale.

modification to 1- make what they want impossible (too idealistic? idk) or give them it, but it's not as nice as it seems