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Pretty Elephant re-pin from Jes Williams! elephants are good luck :) you will find many of these kind of images in Cambodia

Organic Henna Products. Professional Henna Studio. I want a different design inside the elephant but I like the trunk placement for my tattoo.

Gold and enamel figurine of an elephant with large natural baroque pearl forming its back and diamonds on its head. Mughal, India.

ga-le-ri-a:Alice Ferrow (Draw me after You; Let us run!)

Symbolism: "As the road darkened, the beams of our headlights filled with hundreds of blinded moths. Where they hit our windshield..." (29). Moths-Rebels, Headlights-Trujillo, Lights-Spies, Windshield-Murder. These symbols overall represent a turning point for Minerva when she decided she really wanted justice for all.

A nephrite pendant with enamelled gold mounts by Fabergé, workmaster Eduard Schramm, St. Petersburg, c. 1900, a seated elephant with raised trunk and diamond-set eyes enriched with gold and strawberry red enamelled fringed headdress.

Genius III Elephant Cutlery Drainer by Peleg - his trunk directs the runoff water back into the sink! #industrial_design #product_design