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3 Things Parenting Takes.... {part two

Parenting wisdom is often hard won. Here's what you need to grow into your role according to God's word.

The One Thing You Must Tell Your Child

Moms: There is one very important thing you must tell your child. When was the last time you told your child these soul-healing words? Your parenting is not complete until you let your child know how much you love them unconditionally.

Our sons are in the process of developing their self-identity. What kind of men are they becoming? In this process, where are their ideas coming from? Is the world informing your son or are you, Dad & Mom? "Raising Men in a Culture that Prefers Boys"

If We Lost Them Tomorrow

What would today look like if it was our last with our sweet babes? What would you do differently? Sometimes, to live fully, we must keep the end in mind.

Don't Let Anger Destroy Your Family!

Would your kids say you yell a lot? A recent survey says so. Do you struggle with anger at home, but have a happy face you put on when you go out? You are not alone. It's more common than you think. But as a mom, there is something you can do about your anger. Read these practical steps you can take to be a happier mom at home. Don't let anger destroy your family.

Five Guidelines for Directing Your Child's Future

Our job as parents is to point our children in a certain direction- a unique journey for which God has shaped them. (Gulp!) Where on earth do we start? Here are 5 questions to consider as you lean in and watch what God is unfolding in your child's life.

Seeking Peace, No Personal Space, and Persistent Pleas: To Be Like Jesus as a Mom of Littles

Moms of littles, Mark shows us that Jesus knows what it's like to seek out peace & quiet only to have His personal space invaded & be pestered with persistent pleas, too. Oh that we would learn to respond as He does - with love, grace, and mercy!

5 Ways to Show Love to Your Children

As parents it is our job to show our children that we love them in a tangible way. While saying I love you is important – showing that we love our children is equally important. Here is a list of things to help motivate you to say I love you to your children through your actions. Always remember that you can never show your children too much love.