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Last Words - Collecting the terminal patients' last words in the hospice

The last sound project has collected 5 terminal patients’ last words in a hospice located in the northern part of Beijing. By combining the real images and the language of animation, the film has delivered the message from the people who is standing nearly at the end of their lives.

Pizza Hut Copycat Skillet Cookie Dough

Welcome to my Pizza Hut Copycat Skillet Cookie Dough recipe. I have to admit to being addicted to trips to Pizza Hut. The lure of the pizza, the sides and of course the dessert has me there all the time. I prefer going to the Pizza Hut in Portugal though as unlike with England they have a lot more olive oil in their dishes and we always end up sat their in silence while we all eat it up. My mum was the person that originally introduced me to Pizza Hut and along side a shopping trip to York…

Best Bars & Pubs to Watch Football in London (and why they are)

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Book sculpting by Alexander Korzer-Robinson

3D book artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson's sculptures are the perfect advert for the depth of adventures to be found in books. Only trouble is, because this book is now an art sculpture, you can't actually open it.

Buchanan Street, looking south, just outside the far end of the Galleries. This IS Glasgow in winter, in one image.

Street Corner at World's End, London, 1954 Photo by Inge Morath - Looooooong before my time, The Worlds End has changed so much