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My dentist got me frozen yogurt when one of the orthodontists made my lip bleed with a mini sander so

I would like to incorporate this into my ceremony instead of a candle or sand. Have an empty box, have the officiant read this, and put something from our wedding day in that box. We can keep filling the box throughout the years with "treasures" we collect together.

Relationships are the heart of early childhood education

Physics || I suddenly realize my love affair with physics has informed my entire relationship philosophy foundation.

Live a life that matters, Live a life of love ...

Wise Words

Replace man for woman and woman for man. If only i didn't feel sad... - Game of Thrones - Jaqen H'ghar & Arya Stark

Sometimes you need some Greek to help communicate big things. English isn't always adequate.

I am so in love with you... the passion between is amazing and I can't wait to be with you the rest of my life!!!

If only... I only wish things were this way. Would much rather someone see me for what I truly am, rather than just hide it all with makeup.