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Prothetische Spezialeffekte - Dragon Spikes "Erwachen der Drache" - gekapselt Silikon

Dragon spine spikes! Amazing blending, really looks like they're growing from her back Special Effects Prosthetic Dragon Spikes by IdaAsteroAtelier

27 Disgustingly Awesome Ways To Take Halloween To The Next Level

This is really sick, but it's a good tutorial for any costume or special effects makeup.

Special Effects Prosthetic - Scarification - Encapsulated Silicone - Film Quality

Prosaide Transfer Scarification Special by IdaAsteroAtelier Can also be done on the cheap with Elmers School Glue and foundation in a shade or two lighter or darker than your skin

Marc Clancy Self taught special effects makeup artist and designer from Melbourne, Australia. Check out his instagram (username powdah) here (he has step by steps! well worth the follow)

Special Effects Makeup Techniques | Zombie Makeup Tips and Tricks & Fake Blood Recipes! Halloween Special ...

See 29 Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Transformations

The body art is very suitable for my HR Giger project although I would do these colours in dark green silvers and black.