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Caritas Social Centre (Block B) 明愛服務中心(B座)

Y buy pumpkin n sweet potato when u dun like them?!

Sagano 嵯峨野

Y1c 師生全都情路堪坷?!

Sogno Cafe

Breakfast, lunch n tea with Miss Leung on pouring Monday.

Kwun Tong (Kwun Tong 觀塘)

Possibly the only rite thing I've done this yr. Thx for taking me in!

Victoria Towers 港景峰

100級心痛! Ahhhhhhhhhh...

Victoria Towers 港景峰

Can't believe 2015仍有機會用Noah's ark table matt去還十多年前的2 by 2 dvd債! So glad...

Avenue of Stars (星光大道)

So this is ur wed evening route with God knows who reli?

An Nam (安南)

教悠悠要學阿樂開心d, 唔可以好似阿愁咁成日喊. 但Vivien姨姨卻講一套做一套...