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It’s mating and shrieking season in the fox community, so some people are calling in the snipers. Much easier than putting the lids on their bins

Chuck Todd Excoriates Buzzfeed's Editor in Chief: 'YOU PUBLISHED FAKE NEWS' Democrat shill Chuck Todd cannibalized the liberal media tonight by ripping into the Editor in Chief of Buzzfeed Ben Smith for publishing a 35 page dossier of laughable content such as germaphobe Trump having Russian hookers urinate on him or an irate Donald yelling at Ivanka to respond to her mother whilst devouring a plate of chicken tenders saying that if she didn't her Mother would perish in a horrible accident…

Arizona Sen. John McCain confirmed he passed along a 35-page report to the FBI that details unverified allegations that President-elect Trump's team coordinated with the Russian government to defeat Hillary Clinton. In a statement released Wednesday, McCain said passing the report along was the extent of his involvement in the process. Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public, McCain said. Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment…

John McCain admits he handed the report w over to FBI Director James Comey late last year. The agency were first handed parts of it in August

Congress is doubling down on promises to investigate Russia, after President-elect Donald Trump dismisses evidence that Russia was involved.

MR. McCAIN IF I WERE YOU I'D LEAVE NOW BEFORE I HANG FOR TREASON !!! John McCain funded by Soros since 2001

Why Biggest Scandal in US History is Being Ignored Ben Barrack was interviewed by Sam Sorbo today about the scandal involving the IRS, terrorism, and the extended family of the President of the United States. If the truth about this family were made known to the American people, we might be confronted with the biggest scandal in the history of the USA.[...]2/6>>>>>>>

Dark times at the Palin home: Track Palin's domestic violence arrest report paints a bleak picture

Blood in Gun-Free Zones Falls on the Hands of Anti-Gun Politicians » Sons of Liberty Media

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