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Wildlife Artist Guy Coheleach is a master at both realistic and impressionistic wildlife art. Nature art from big cats to birds of prey, Guy Coheleach's wildlife art is exceptional. Updated Sat Aug 27 2016

very grumpy and lonely. no mate or kits. flyingbirds sister Tanya. refused to come to nightclan so shes still a rouge. hates patchpelt because flyingbird would have stayed a rouge with Tanya if it wasn't for patchpelt! thought she would hate their kits too but when she meets willowpaw dapplepaw greypaw and dustpaw an unlikely bond is shred between the mangy old rouge and the four kits. when her rouge home is invaded she has to come to nightclan and finds she actually likes it

11 Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Of

This breed has a personality as large as its body. The Sarplaninac has a fantastic temperament and is an excellent working dog. Highly territorial, the dog is suspicious of strangers. This attitude makes the Serbian Mountain dog an exceptional guard dog.

Take a tour around a dynamic home in Ohio

Modern wood living room. This nature-inspired living room changes with the seasons. In summer, the doors to the deck open up and the view comes inside. In winter, the soft furnishings and fireplace create a cosy feel.

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Which Big Cat Would You Be?

Including the fastest mammal, the ability to roar, incredible hunting skills and stunning stripy and spotted coats, the big cats are some of the most recognised and admired species on our planet. Which one are you?!

Make it Happen: Wallpaper

Gorgeous tropical mural! Try this look with some bold art. #tropicalliving #coastaldecor

Their unpredictability make them one of the most dangerous creatures to "own." But like all cats they aren't ever owned by anyone. Independent, solitary, powerful, elegant and... I wish there was another word besides beautiful but that's what they are.