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1815-20 ca. Interior Travelling Chariot This type of carriage was used for long journeys, such as the Grand Tour of Europe, which every young nobleman and gentleman of substance made in the 18th and early 19th centuries. The extension on the front of the body is known as a “dormeuse boot”. It has folding panels which can be let down to enable the inside passengers to stretch out at full length into the boot and sleep while they travelled. nationaltrustcollections.org.uk

The mangled remains of the carriage that Tsar Alexander II of Russia was riding in on the day of his assassination in 1881.Currently displayed in the Royal Carriage Museum,near the Catherine Palace,Tsarskoe Selo.

1711 "This is probably to second oldest surviving sedan chair in the United Kingdom. It is a standard Louis XIV Parisian public hire chair which has been specifically painted for use around the royal residence of Chateau Marly (demolished early 19th century), five miles north of Versailles. The majority of these sedan chairs have not survived as they were broken down, burnt or given for use in hospitals during the French Revolution."

Antique Horse Drawn Carriage

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