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Queensgate Shopping Centre

Cowgate, #Peterborough, 1904. The ‘gates’ at the end of road names such as Cowgate and Westgate – both of which came into being at this time – are derived from ‘gaeta’, the Danish word for ‘street’. #history #photography #cambridgeshire

Penzance, A Toy Car On The Promenade 1908 #vintagetoys #besidetheseaside #history #photography #francisfrith


Discover the history of London as it was captured at the time through old pictures of London dating back to 1860.

Queensgate Shopping Centre

Long Causeway, #Peterborough, 1904. Designated a New Town in 1967, Peterborough Development Corporation was formed in partnership with the city and county councils to house London's overspill population in new townships sited around the existing urban area. #history #photography