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9 Online Jobs Paying Upto $15 An Hour

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Meditation brings you closer to your true self all while healing sadness, anger and pain. Learn how to meditate with a powerful guided audio for deep heart healing at

36 People Share How They've Helped Friends Through Their Anxiety

There's a difference between being #introverted, being #shy, and being #anxious. They are NOT synonymous; however, it's been shown that these traits often overlap. Being introverted means that you feel drained after social interaction. Being shy means that you find social interaction embarrassing. Having #socialanxiety feels more like panic. What about you? Are you introverted, shy, or anxious? Or all three? (I'm an #introvert with occasional #anxiety, but not usually shy.)

I love this. We are told how important grades are. If you're not a 4.0 student then you don't have a shot at grad school. We get so bogged down and focused on how every grade we get needs to be excellent but then we miss out on the more important things. School will always be there. But you only get to be with your family for a short time

And remember that this works both ways! Women can be abusive, too! No one deserves to be treated this way