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In Trinidad and Tobago, the chadon beni (chado beni) or culantro is a treasured herb that is used in almost all local dishes, soups noodle dishes, curries, and seasoning all types of meat. Trinis just love it's distinct pungent flavor. One of the most popular dishes that comprises mostly of chadon beni is the chadon...Read More »

Chermoula. "Chermoula is a bold, garlicky, spicy sauce and marinade used all over Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia to spice up not only fish and seafood, but also poultry, meat and vegetables." There are two recipes for oily fish (this would include Algerian sardines) and one for white fish.

Have you ever tasted curry shrimp? You know, steaming from the pot with slight pepper and a hint of masala, chadon beni and geera? .... It makes me salivate just thinking about it. The marinated shrimp meat is tender and succulent, infused with the green seasoning and curry....a taste I could only describe as currylicious...Read More »

Trini Stew Chicken

Trini Stew Chicken - "I loved everything about stew chicken. This is one of the rare cases where I felt like I was eating a restaurant dish at home"