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One ugly custom job on this reproduction Remington--shortened barrel, modified grip, modern sights and Kirst Konverter cylinder. One butt ugly gun!

Webley British Bulldog, 450 Ely caliber, made in 1872, Ivory grips, I picked it up last weekend

Extremely Rare Documented Colt Model 1877 "Thunderer" Ejectorless Revolver with Extremely Rare 1 1/2 Inch Barrel with Factory Letter Cal 41 Long Colt

The gun Col. Boggs never used: Smith & Wesson .45 Schofield revolver. "The Smith and Wesson Model No. 3 Schofield Revolver may not carry as strong a name for a famous gun of the old west as a Colt. But for men who lived and died by their guns, the reputation of this pistol went ahead of it in a big way. Major George Schofield designed the weapon and it was originally produced in 1869 by Smith and Wesson."

This is the only known prototype Walther 9mm Ultra pistol. It and its cartridges were developed by Walther for the Luftwaffe. The intent was to design a pistol that retained the compact size of the PP-PPK design but employing a cartridge intermediate in power between the 9mm Kurz and the 9mm Parabellum. Approximately 25,000 rounds of the unique 9mm Ultra ammunition were manufactured by Gustav Genschow & Co. in the early 1940s, with most of it either used during testing or destroyed.

Brescia Model 1922 Double-Action Revolver . This model was widely used by Italian army during the World War Two. Model 1889/1922 was a last variation of Bodeo revolver, and the last model of Italian service revolver.

S&W 2nd Model Schofield revolver. Standard 7" barrel with six shot cylinder in caliber .45 S&W. Manufactured only 3 years from 1875-1877 with a total production of just under 9,000 units, the Schofield revolver saw quite a bit of use throughout the American frontier including heavy use with the 4th US Cavalry during the Geronimo campaign, the famed Buffalo soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavarly, as well Find our speedloader now!

Galand Double Action Self-Extracting Pocket Revolver