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I find this so true because my best friend on the internet is way better than my real life people

I could be at home with my one direction things but I have to they make oh well at least I still talk about 1D at school

Best Friendship Quotes of the Week

20 Quotes That Show What Friendship Truly Means - who is true to your face, who is loyal, looks out for your best interest, not how you best benefit them, gossip about you behind your back, make snarky comments, compete, and use you for their gain.

So take your steak dinners and shove 'em up your ass. If it wasn't for me and my…

I swear this is 100% accurate...I tell my internet friends about 99.9% more stuff than I tell my real friends because they'd probably just smile and nod and not really understand… And I have two internet friends that I know in real life so that helps a lot.