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"Queen Anne’s lace earned its common name from a legend that tells of Queen Anne of England (1665-1714) pricking her finger & a drop of blood landed on white lace she was sewing. Belonging to the carrot family, it is a biennial that is also known as wild carrot." I have loved the Queen Anne's Lace flower ever since I was a little girl...picking them in the backyard, putting each one in a different glass & adding food coloring to each glass but one. Definitely the only 'carrot' I like.

Staring At The Sun Canvas Print / Canvas Art by K Hines

A DIY Foraged Bouquet of Queen Anne’s Lace, Grasses and British Grown Wheat

Campbell’s Flowers have created a foraged bouquet, which is super easy and very economical to create. I so love Cow Parsley and the addition...

Purple Giant Allium Beautiful Flower Seeds Garden Plant Rare Flower 30 Particles / lot

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