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Tablets and hybrid devices to lead mobile dominance over PCs in 2014 -

MoPowered tech-focused research house N+1 Singer the company will have huge potential - - #MPOW

The No. 2 app in America would be nothing without the No. 1 app in America

Facebook's (FB) Nielsen app ranking shows that its dominance of our mobile conversations is total — Quartz

10 years ago the iPhone was born | Video My iPhone 1 On the 9th of January 2007 Steve Jobs introduced the touch controlled-wide-screen iPod-internet-communicator-phone-all-in-one device affectionately known as the iPhone. Comparison Above are the original iPhone and the iPhone 7. While the iPhone has had its ups and downs a fewof things have always remained consistent: It changed and continues to change the industry. It out performs all other handsets. Other OEMs attempt to recreate…

2016: The year in paid search (A year of massive change!)

2016: The year in paid search (A year of massive change!). This year will be seen as a watershed moment for mobile, with nearly every change reflecting mobile's now-dominant contribution to search.

Opera Mobile 9.7 will 'leave rivals in the dust'

Opera Mobile 9.7 will 'leave rivals in the dust' | Opera Mobile 9.7 has arrived, featuring Opera Turbo functionality that brings server-side rendering and the Opera Presto 2.2 rendering engine. Buying advice from the leading technology site

The Latest Techniques Contributing To the Field Of Marketing

Marketing is a process through which the worth & value of the products & services are communicated to the consumers.

Transformer une tablette numérique en tableau numérique interactif mobile

Germany’s export market continues to dominate Europe .hide-mobile display: none; .hide-desktop display: block; @media (min-width: 480px) .hide-mobile display: block; .hide-desktop display: none; Germany remains the most dominant economy in Europe. The industrial powerhouse accounts for one in every five dollars generated in the European Union , and the country’s export sector makes up a similar portion of regional t..

Desert Joyride Race for desert dominance or free roam to explore the majestic desert terrain.. Twelve unique vehicles to choose from.. Drive a vehicle like the offroad truck to speed across the desert or one like the ice cream truck to just have fun.. #Zero_G_Mobile #Mobile_Application