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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Morocco | Headdress; silver filigree work, coral and glass insets, enamel | ca. 19th century, Anti Atlas region | Sold

Moroccan Style Bracelet Green Marble Opal

Victoria Rivers | Necklace, antique silver and niello inlay Berber amulets, old Moroccan silver beads and coins, "cobra head" pendants

by Luda Hunter | Genuine antique Moroccan natural amber beads are combined with an enamelled Berber cross pendant from Tiznit (Morocco) and six Berber silver charms. The last two beads are antique Venetian King Bicone beads dating from the late 1850s - 1920s | Sold

Morocco | Pearl and gem set gold fibulae (Khallalat) | 18th century | 12'500£ ~ sold (Apr '12)

by Moroccan designer Faouzi | Necklace; made from an antique Marrakech headdress piece with silver and coral adornments | 525£