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This is a lyric blog for the ever beautiful country singer, Luke Bryan. Request lyrics in the ask box! We do not own any of the lyrics or images used on this blog. Country Girl(s) Shakin' it for Luke

Snowella on

-Zoë Sugg. My personal hero. Love her so much, and im thankful for everything she has done for me. (Heck of a lot if im honest)

Collecting Vinyl Records

Vinyl records (for visual & listing only) - prefer Christmas music, big band, classic musicals or singers, etc.

< and we are called freaks and awful people! Meanwhile they're like "oh, you don't like (insert mainstream stupid person here)? Go fucking die in a hole you lazy ass slutty bitch go kill yourself etc." The problem is, everyone is stupid so they think they're smart since the majority of people are like them and so now the smart people feel dumb. There is too many people. Can we make a plague that affects stupid people?

None of the information about me is correct on here anymore but I'm keeping it for sentimental reasons or something. faq | my writing