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Reading fiction 'improves empathy', study finds

True. Revenge will hurt you more than the other person. By letting go of those who hurt you you're not only setting yourself free but you're respecting yourself by removing those toxic people from your life.

Whatever doesn't kill me...had better start running & hope it's faster and more determined than I am.

If you see books as just words on paper than you have a closed imagination and no creativity. And I think crying over fictional characters is one of the most humanely possible things you can do, you are crying over something that you now is not real but it is so real to you. It truly is magical.

feminism...what part of liberation of women did you not get!?!? Seriously, liberation is about self defining rather than culture/society/religion defining...who wouldn't want that? BTW...if YOUR definition lines up with more traditional views of being a women, so be it...feminism means YOU get to choose!