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Manipulate fabric and pin on moulded fine wire mesh to hold in place, mod podge et voila....soft and hard - maybe a snake/hedgehog peeking out from some lace???????

Hosono’s exquisitely delicate and detailed sculptures began when she sculpted a simple leaf from the garden and found herself drawn into its intricacy. (via Artist Hitomi Hosono Pr

Ceramic Females Women Girls Ladies sculpture statuettes figurines sculpture by sculptor Jenny Eaton titled: 'Large female Torso III (ceramic Contemporary Earth Mother Torso statue)' - Artwork View 2

Is it a plant, or is it stonewear?

It’s both. :) Ceramic sculptures by Frances Doherty, the Ceramic Gardener. (purple pom pom) (lime green pom pom) (thistle) (towering bells) (scarlet bottle brush)