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“warmups with swag squid kiddo

domino mask fingerless gloves gloves green hair grey gloves headphones ink tank (splatoon) inkling looking afar male focus mask over shoulder shirt short hair short ponytail simple background smile solo splat roller (splatoon) splatoon splatoon 2 t-sh

so uhh.. how bout that grumpertale.


so uhh.. how bout that grumpertale.

The Grumps (Kevin, Arin, Barry and Suzy) lying on the floor of the Stretching Portrait room on the haunted house at Disneyland

Gaming tidbits for the last few days, from Final Fantasy to Sonic!

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I use all types of weapons but one of the best moments is when you are using a charger and you find this perfect snipe spot and you just get on a roll! E-liter scope beat gun

+_+ bike_shorts bomb earrings hat holding holding_weapon hotaru_(splatoon) ink jewelry letterman_jacket looking_at_viewer nintendo paint pointy_ears safari_hat solo splat_bomb splatoon tentacle_hair wong_ying_chee yellow_eyes