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Cocktail kiwis that are super sweet! Originating from Siberia, hardy to -35°C and growing up to 2m in one season, this delightful, grapevine-like plant produces up to 400 miniature fuzz-free kiwis every year! Eat them fresh from the vine or cut them in half and dry in a low oven to make sticky wine gum-like sweets but without any E numbers! Harvest: September-November. 1 plant can yield up to 20kg fruit when mature. Latin Name: Actinidia arguta.

7 Perennial Vegetable Garden Plants

This hardy crop lasts for decades in the garden and is one of the first vegetables that can be harvested in spring. Plant asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) in full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

"Growing Asparagus is quite easy. I have grown asparagus from seeds and that too in a pot! It is quite a hardy plant and tolerates cold winters and dry spells as well. Just don't overwater it. This year I am planting the crowns from my potted plant in a raised bed along tomatoes and coriander as both the plants discourage each others pests."

How to Harvest and Store Asparagus Seed

Fresh on the UVM Food Feed blog: Cynthia Belliveau explains shares an asparagus recipe and explains why some people are "Smell Blind": The Asparagus ‘Bouquet’ Phenomenon, Or Why Your Pee Smells Funny (and Why You May Not Smell it)

How to Grow Artichokes and Asparagus Together

Asparagus and artichokes are tall, perennial vegetables best reserved for an area that won't require yearly tilling, and which won't shade shorter plants. The delicate, fern-like foliage of ...

Asparagus Hedge - Grows into tall delicate ferns, and you can harvest it early in the season. It multiple stalks make for a visually interesting hedge. Asparagus is perennial, but will die down to the ground each winter. Consequently, this hedge is seasonal only. May take a few years to fully establish. Pic 1 of 2.